Alfred meets The Girl


The snow had finally completely thawed.  It was late April.  Something else had finally completely happened, or perhaps it had happened a little too soon.  Done with the battles she once waged in the womb, The Girl made her grand entrance into the world.  Was she happy that the snow was gone, did she want to go out to dinner for The Parents’ anniversary?  It is anyone’s guess, but what we do know is that she had arrived, and the moment everyone had been waiting for was here.

Perhaps the person.. wait, no, not person.  Perhaps the octopus who was most excited about this was Alfred.  That’s right, children, of all of the octopi in the world, Alfred wanted to meet The Girl the most.

There were no bells.  There were no whistles.  Just a simple introduction.  “Hi, I’m Alfred.”


Tell Alfred what you think!

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