Signs of Life


“I could get used to this,” Alfred said, sitting perched atop The Girl’s head.  The view was magnificent.  From The Girl’s head, Alfred could see many things he had never seen before.  He could see the TV, the couch, the floor, The Mother’s laptop… None of these things were visible from the closet he had been stuffed into previously, nor were they visible from the bin of toys he had been suffocating in for a few weeks prior.  They most certainly were not visible from the diaper bag he had been in on the way to the hospital.

Alfred relaxed and breathed a breath of pure bliss and contentment.  He got a little too comfortable, you see, as he began to slide sideways off The Girl’s round little head.

Just as his life flashed before his eyes, a tiny hand reached up to him, grabbing onto him and saving his life.


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    • Are you talking about the picture of Alfred falling offa The Girl’s head? I just uploaded that one yesterday to FB, lolz. I saw that it was an integral part of the story, so I added it The Alfred Project. album. =)

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