Oh, Positive


Hours and hours passed by while Alfred and The Girl were still at the hospital.  Alfred didn’t really understand why they were there.  He had a tendency to space out when the doctors were talking about things that were difficult to hear, with words that were difficult to understand.  Alfred began to look around the room for clues.  There was a TV playing an awful movie with blue people who had no clothes, but that didn’t help Alfred any, it just made him want to sleep.  There was a mirror on wall.  Alfred scuttled over to check himself out.  Suddenly, there was a whistle.  It cannot be determined whether or not that whistle came from Alfred himself.

Alfred kept on looking through the room.  He found many things he knew from home, and a few things he didn’t.  The most interesting thing he found was this tall… thing.  It had a monitor on top, wires every which way there was, and only four legs.  “Hah!” Alfred scoffed.  The most fascinating feature of this thing was the bag of red goop attached to both it and The Girl.  “What is this?” he wondered.  He knew it from somewhere.  He had seen it before.

“Is this Kool-Aid? … Can I have some?”


Tell Alfred what you think!

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