The days grew shorter, and The Girl grew longer. 

Alfred and The Girl were back to being best buds again, doing all of their normal activities together, mostly napping.

Alfred began to notice changes in The Girl.  She slept differently.  He thought it was pretty funny the way she slept, sprawled across pillows, or stretched out in Jesus stance against flat surfaces.  The Girl thought that he slept in odd positions, too, but neither of them minded, they were both perfectly comfortable as long as they were cuddled closely.

Sleep wasn’t the only area The Girl had changed in.  She began to develop more of a personality.  She smiled when spoken to, and sometimes, she even talked back with coos, goos, ahhs and gahhs.  (Talked back to The Parents, that is.  The Girl had always talked to Alfred.)  The Girl tolerated short spurts of some mangled form of playtime on the floor while The Mother tidied the house, but she still had no interest in toys.  With as serious as The Girl looked during such fun activities as dancing, it could be reasoned that The Girl was too mature for such things.


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