Show me a Sign


The Mother had heard great things about Baby Signing.  According to leading experts, teaching “Baby Signs” to your baby will help them learn to communicate, both through signing and speaking, sooner, score higher on IQ tests, and a bunch of other nice sounding things.

“Whatever,” The Mother thought.

When The Girl was 3 months old, The Mother happened upon a show called “Switched at Birth.”  One of the main characters, who indeed had been switched at birth, was profoundly deaf.  Seeing how neat sign language looked, The Mother decided to give it a try and looked up a few baby signs on a sign language website.  She learned fun things like “poop,” “milk,” “quiet,” and “toys,” and soon became hooked.  She thought about taking classes on sign language, but realized that would require more time and effort than she was willing to part with.  Instead, she forked over a good deal of money for a series of videos known as Baby Signing Time.  She didn’t illegally download them, nor did she encourage a friend of hers to do the same.

The day that The Mother decided to start incorporating sign language into their lives, The Girl made the sign for S.  Coincidence?  Duh, she was three months old.


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