Alfred couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t watch as one nurse after another after another blew through The Girl’s veins. He couldn’t stand to see the look on her face after they finally got the IV to work in her precious little head. He stayed with her for a long time, waiting for her to wake up to play, but she did not. He waited for her to wake up to eat, but she did not. She needed her rest, so Alfred quietly slipped out.

Alfred felt the room spin. “I can’t be here right now,” he thought. He headed down to the cafeteria, but there was no food suitable for him to eat. He overheard one of the nurses telling The Mother about a second cafeteria in the Adult Cancer Center.

“Let’s go to the Adult Cancer Center.”
“No, I am le tired.”
“Then go take a nap. And then let’s go to the Adult Cancer Center!!”

The Mother didn’t have a place to nap, so they moseyed on over to the Adult Cancer Center. The first thing Alfred saw was a Grand Piano, so he played a little song.

‘Blivia Maximus,
That is your name.
You are so pretty
That it is insane. ♥

Alfred is very talented, no?


Tell Alfred what you think!

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