Not Your Mother’s Kool-aid


Author’s Note: There is an image at the top of this post behind the cut that is of my baby with an IV in her head. I’m really squimish, and I don’t think it’s bad, it’s all covered in tape, and you can’t clearly see the insertion site. As a mother, it’s hard to look at, but it’s not vom-worthy. Keep that in mind before you click!

If you didn’t click and wanna know what the post was about, please e-mail Alfred at speakwithalfred(shift+2)  He’ll tell you anything you wanna know, within reason! ;)

Alfred began to ask questions he didn’t really want to know the answers of.  “So… that stuff… That isn’t Kool-aid, is it?”

The Mother was silent.  She hadn’t encountered this special type of intelligence for the past week.

“Who does it come from?  Is it yours?”  Alfred spoke very slowly, afraid of each new word that left his mouth.

The Mother explained how it was best that she and The Father not give their own blood to The Girl.  If she were to need an organ in the future, the chances of her body rejecting The Parents’ organs would be greater if they were to donate blood to her.

“She’s had three transfusions in the past.  The first donor was Batman.  The second, Superman, and the third, Chuck Norris,” The Mother said, firmly.  Alfred was impressed.  “Who is this one from?” he wondered aloud.  “Captain America.  I think we are very lucky that Batman, Superman, Chuck Norris, and Captain America all have O- blood.  Although, The Girl can accept any type of blood, O- is best,” The Mother answered.

Alfred suddenly understood how The Girl was so awesome. She had the blood of superheros AND Chuck Norris.


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