The Girl turned four months old. In this fourth month, she conquered many firsts.  She let out her first true laugh, which was more like a constipated grunt of joy, if that can be imagined by the reader.  She now danced with purpose, instead of dancing because her legs were wobbling uncontrollably.  What was that purpose?  Diaper changes, of course.

The Mother’s favorite change was The Girl’s new found interested in toys.  To celebrate, Alfred and The Mother got her a mirror so she could stare at her pretty face as much as she wanted, and a musical toy so she rock out with her blocks out to Beethoven.

The Girl and Alfred took turns pushing the round button that governed what classical composer’s work they’d be listening to, but that didn’t keep The Girl from stopping Alfred when one of her favorites was blaring.

“Whoa, whoa Alfred, that’s my jaaaam.”


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