Daddy’s The Girl (Not to be confused with Daddy’s a girl)


Even though he didn’t like to admit it, sometimes, Alfred needed a break from The Girl. He needed to do things like bathe, eat, and other, private things he also doesn’t like admitting. He turned to The Mother for assistance, but she was too busy also not getting a break.

It was time to track down The Father.

Even though The Father didn’t get to spend as much time with The Girl, or with The Mother, for that matter, he did enjoy being around her.  Who wouldn’t?  The Girl was fun in a can, and that can was used up, she was still so beautiful.

One of The Father’s favorite things to do was to cuddle with his baby girl.  He was the first person to do so, as a matter of fact, but only because The Mother was physically incapable of doing so after her C-section.

This would be something that The Mother would recall with anger or jealousy, but she couldn’t help but smile when she remembered the moments that followed The Girl’s birth.  Things didn’t exactly go as planned, The Girl did arrive fashionably early, 6 weeks fashionably early, but everything worked out for the very best.

After The Girl was pulled from the depths of The Mother’s uterus – but not without leaving SOME POOP IN THERE – she was whisked away to the NICU.  The Mother saw nothing of her but a tiny little foot, or was it a hand?  The Mother still cannot recall.  Whatever it was, it was not a face.  The Mother felt relieved to know that at least her preemie had a fully formed hand or foot, as it was all she would see of her precious little baby for almost an hour.

The Father, having forgot that The Girl was born moderately premature and therefore needed to be transported immediately to the NICU, had a minor freak out session.  The Mother likes to refer to this as his Batman moment.  He ran down to admitting, screaming and hollering WHERE IS SHE? like The Girl was being held hostage in some shady little room somewhere in the city of Gotham.  After he flat out insulted one nurse, he finally got to hold her.  It probably felt like years in between the time she was born and the time that he got to hold her.  It was probably minutes.  Single digit minutes.

When he did FINALLY get to hold her, everything else faded away.  The sunlight became brighter.  The snow started melting, and the world became a better place.  The Father wasn’t aware of these things, however.  All he could see was The Girl.  All of those months of having to take care of The Mother, the weeks of being terrified due to The Mother’s cholestasis, all of that was over, and all of that was worth it.


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