Alfred’s back, tell a frand.


Sometime during the fall of 2011, Alfred vanished completely from The Girl’s life.  Or did he?

Let’s rewind a bit.  It was the evening of some day that was around the time that Alfred left.  Actually, it was the day he left.  There was a swanky dinner party that night.  Anybody who was anybody was set to attend.

Alfred had arrived early, already seated in his predesignated place, a chair that belonged to the most prestigious table in the joint.  Seated at that table was Cookie Monster, Mr. Bear, and Minnie Mouse.  This was the table to be at.  Things were going quite well for Alfred that night.  Everyone laughed at his jokes and everyone complimented his appearance.  He was quite proud of the outfit he had selected for tonight.  It had been in the closet for months, stowed away for such an occasion.  Surely, no one else would have the same garment as he did.

Except for maybe The Mother, whose closet he stole borrowed it from.  The only thing Alfred could think to say was, “Who let you in?”


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