It’s a me, Alfred


The Mother was furious.  In a tempestuous move, she yanked her dress off of Alfred and stormed upstairs.  “When I come back down, you had better be gone,” she yelled.

Alfred didn’t know where to go, nor did he know what to do with himself, now that he wasn’t watching over The Girl.

Time passed, and Alfred grew lonely.  It had been forever since he last saw The Girl.  He checked the clock.  It had been 10 minutes.  Stealthily, he snuck back inside.  Immediately, he began looking for a place to hide himself, but The Mother ALWAYS kept the house SO clean that he found it a challenge.

Alfred hid inside some shoes.
Alfred hid behind a chair.
Alfred hid under the couch.
Alfred made his way upstairs.
Alfred climbed up into a drawer.
Alfred hid in some underwear.

When he was certain the coast was clear, Alfred made his way to The Girl’s nursery.  He waited patiently for her to show up, and when she did, he called a meeting.  This meeting consisted of only three members: Himself, The Girl, and Mr. Bear.  Mr. Bear was invited for his cunning, sharp-as-a-tack mind.

“We’ve got to figure out a way to make The Mother invite me back in,” Alfred started.
“Good luck,” snorted Mr. Bear, “I gave her the stank eye in a picture she took of The Girl and I, and I haven’t been in a picture since.”
“I have an idea,” The Girl said.

“We will get you a mustache.”


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