Right before her six month anniversary, The Girl started her transformation into an entirely new baby.

About 10 days before The Girl turned six months old, The Father had a two month long class to attend in a far away land known as Georgia.  The Mother joked that The Girl would start teething, learn how to crawl, and basically be a huge handful while he was gone.

The Mother is always right, especially when it comes to things she does not want to be right about.  Within days of The Father’s departure, not only did The Girl start popping two tiny little bottom teeth, but she also started attempting to crawl, one small knee step at a time.

The Girl had, at this point, gone two and a half months without a transfusion.  Her hemaglobin and hematocrit were low, but her behavior didn’t indicate such.  It seemed to The Mother that the little baby who slept all of the time due to lack of energy from her blood disorder was a baby of the past, and The Mother was just fine with this.

Of all of her recent changes, perhaps the most stunning was The Girl’s foray into fashionable eye wear.


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