Liquid Snake


Alfred was concerned about The Girl’s health quite often.  He was concerned about pretty much everything about her, but recently, he pointed his attention to her eating habits, or lack there of.

“So, you’re fine with just liquids, all day?”
“Oh,” Alfred paused, and then it hit him. “You haven’t finely tuned your spitting abilities.”
“My whaaat?”
“Well, before I eat something, I spit on it so that it can’t move, and then I slowly tear it –” he stopped suddenly.  Maybe this wasn’t the best thing to tell The Girl, judging by the look on her face.  “I guess you people do it differently.”
“Yeh huh, but I do dabble in dribbling on my food quite a bit.”
“I don’t think that counts.”
“The Mother doesn’t seem to like it.”
“Maybe you should try some solids?”


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