Ohhhh Saaaan-taaaa


Dressed in their Christmas best, Alfred and The Girl waited patiently for Santa for all of five minutes.  They began to pace the living room, wondering if he had gotten lost.

“He’s the first stop here, he couldn’t have gotten lost,” Alfred reasoned.
“Of course he didn’t.  He skipped over us because YOU WERE NAUGHTY.” The Girl said, accusingly.
“So, anyway,” Alfred began.
“So anyway, nothing, I’m tired.  I’m going to bother The Mother until she feeds me, and then I am going to bed,” The Girl spat.
“Wait, you were good this year,” Alfred squeaked. “Maybe we should leave a picture of you looking innocent by some milk and cookies.”

After the picture was placed, Alfred took a good look at it.

“You … You don’t look innocent at all.”
“That’s the point.  It’s a warning.”


Tell Alfred what you think!

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