It was January 12th.  The Girl had gone 5 whole months without a transfusion, and The Parents and Alfred finally had an answer to that one question that had been on their minds since The Girl was born.  The answer was Hereditary Spherocytosis.

What is Hereditary Spherocytosis (HS)?  Hereditary Spherocytosis is a rare blood disorder that presents itself in people that are so beautiful that their blood cells are perfectly round little spheres instead of doughnuts or flattened discs, or sickles, for that matter.

What causes HS?  Let’s talk about what doesn’t cause HS.  Hereditary Spherocytosis is not caused by low iron counts.  Eating processed, disgusting rice cereal filled with man-made iron that isn’t highly bioavailable doesn’t magically convert spheres into doughnuts.  Anemia, for that matter, is a symptom of a bigger problem, not the problem itself.

Many things can be a result of HS, such as chronic fatigue and weakness, but The Girl was a fighter, and truly showed no signs of lethargy since her last transfusion.  She looked and acted like a normal baby who was her chronological age, progressing far past those of her adjusted age.  Most days, The Parents completely forgot that she was born 6 weeks early, but they never forgot or discounted all that she overcame.


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