Let Sleeping Babies Lie, by themselves


The Girl turned nine months old, even though she was only 9 weeks old just yesterday.  It’s funny, the tricks that time likes to play on our minds.

Some tricks that The Girl like to play were:
Standing on her own for several seconds at a time
Saying Mama, Dada, and Baba (but not Alfred)
Saying “hey.  hey.  hey.” whenever The Mother had ice cream
Signing milk, the one singular time that The Mother didn’t nurse her quickly enough
Making food on her tray disappear, and then magically reappear on the floor

There were a few tricks The Girl hadn’t mastered that The Mother wished she would, such as napping on her own, or playing by herself without The Mother’s assistance.  The Mother made it a point to remind herself that just yesterday, The Girl was 9 weeks old, and tomorrow, she would be 9 years old, and The Mother would miss the days like today, when The Girl slept peacefully in her arms, or cuddled up next to her in bed.


Tell Alfred what you think!

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