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The Ella tilted her head, and Alfred went tumbling down.
Unlike The Girl, The Ella made no attempts at catching him, and he plopped softly onto the couch beneath him.

They both jumped when they heard The Mother come into the room carrying The Girl.

“Does she know?” Alfred whispered, motioning at the tall one.
“No, of course not.  Does she know?” The Ella whispered back (even though she didn’t have the fine skill of whispering honed quite yet), motioning at the little one.
“No, and it has to stay that way.”



“Maybe she will want to play with me, maybe she will pick me out from all of the toys in this bin,” Alfred thought.
He waited a while, but soon grew bored.  The toy she had chosen was her handheld video game… or was it actually something else, some super secret spy technology disguised as a Leapster Explorer.

“Choose your pet,” the Explorer beckoned.  “Code!  Surely, code,” Alfred reason.  “Pet.  Pet.  PET.  P E T.  What does that stand for?  Planetary Evacuation Trajectory?  Planet Explosion Torpedo?”  He gasped, audibly.

She looked up, but saw nothing.  Just then, she felt a slight tickle, and a small pulsating sensation.   This time, when she looked up, she saw none other than Alfred, nestled cozily atop her head.
“Are you …” she paused. “Are you Ag—-”
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” he stopped her.  “And just who are YOU?”
“Oh, me?  I’m The Ella,” she said.  “I guess it’s true what they say about you, huh?  Find out anything interesting up there?”

With Stealth


Alfred had heard many stories about her.  Some talked about how she loved to swim.  Some talked about her gift with lyrical stylings.  Some talked about how she was a horse breeder.  Of all of the rumors and legends he had heard about her, the most talked about was the allegation that she was a CIA agent.

He knew he had to meet her, but he also knew he couldn’t just walk up to her and introduce himself.  He had to be cunning and conniving, sneaky and stealthy.  He heard her coming down the stairs.  Quickly, he threw himself into a basket of toys and plotted his next move.